The goal of statistics data analysis is to find patterns and get the insights. And after you've done your detective work, patterns are found, you can make informed decisions based on data and take out the guess work. But how do you find the patterns?

At Looker, we believe your business is unique, so having a BI tool that allows you to customize your metrics is super important. And Looker does just that with LookML, our simple and reusable modeling language. LookML combines modeling, transformations, and derivations all at the same layer, which creates a very agile data environment. This means, all of your teams can explore your organizations data and find the patterns that mean something to them.

A great example of LookML at work with statistical data analysis, is how our customer Kickstarter is using Looker. Kickstarter not only adopted Looker to support their data reporting and ad hoc analysis, but also to simplify more complicated processes like A/B testing. They've built a dashboard that can report on A/B testing and will also send daily status emails to their PM's - which includes statistical results when the test is complete. Looker has helped make this pretty manual process into a more automated one, which has helped to free up their Data team.

Learn more now, by clicking on our white paper and see all the ways Looker can be of service to your organization. And when you're ready to see Looker in action, we host free product demos too!

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