Early stage startups can do a lot with very few employees because of all the apps and tools designed to help them out. But with a swath of apps and tools comes a startup analytics chaos--apps that don’t talk to each other, don’t have API’s, or are costly to query. With this chaos, insights are lost. And with lost insight comes huge potential losses in customer acquisition and revenue.

Lloyd Tabb, CTO of Looker, created a data analytics platform that’s ideal for startup analytics. The concept is simple: get all of your data into a single database or warehouse, and query directly out of that database. With this simplicity comes the power of Looker--to “write” SQL-based queries from a graphical interface that even your least-technical employee can do without asking the “data guy.”

Looker makes it easy for startups to query across all their apps in one place, without expensive API calls or confusing data matchup. The Looker platform reads directly off any SQL-compliant database or distributed file system like Hadoop. By keeping you--the startup--as the owner of your data, no matter the source, you can empower your whole team with deep startup analytics insights.

Checkout the Looker overview to learn about how Looker can help your startup analytics!

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