Why PDX chose Snowflake and Looker – A proof-of-concept competition

PDX, Inc., provides healthcare technology to pharmacies and pharmacy chains across the United States. PDX needed a better way to not only process its huge volume of data securely, but also enable the data to be analyzed to extract meaningful business intelligence. The challenge was to build a scalable and flexible analytics service, using data from various systems, that could be easily delivered to pharmacies across the country. PDX processes 5 million new or changed healthcare records on any given day.

PDX set up proof-of-concept (POC) competitions to find a new data warehouse and analytics platform. Within a week of starting the POC, the Snowflake team was ingesting data into the cloud-native data warehouse and analyzing it.

PDX compared Looker to other popular visualization tools. Looker was able to achieve the desired query performance while needing only half the size of the Snowflake warehouse compared to other BI tools, due to writing efficient SQL and avoiding unnecessary joins. The PDX team also liked that Looker had an in-database application layer. This meant that as their data grew they would simply increase their Snowflake warehouse without needing to scale the BI side separately.

Why PDX chose Snowflake and Looker:

EASE OF USE. A single interface with one portal page to log into your accounts, create new databases, and warehouses, manage permissions with a reporting tool that is easy to connect and can produce reports quickly. SCALABILITY. Snowflake allows PDX to match user growth with the scalability and elasticity of a cloud data warehouse. SECURITY. Snowflake provides security up to the application layer, with a HIPAA compliant environment. Data is encrypted the entire time -giving PDX complete control its data encryption and decryption. ANALYTICS. Snowflake’s native integration with Looker allows BI users to intelligently push down query processing to Snowflake in ways that take advantage of easy exploration and analytics of structured and semi-structured data (e.g. JSON,Avro, XML, etc).

Looker allows anyone in your business to quickly analyze and find insights in your datasets. By connecting directly to your Snowflake data warehouse, Looker opens up access to high-resolution data for detailed exploration and collaborative discovery, building the foundation for a truly data-driven organization.

Read PDX's case study to learn more about Looker + Snowflake.

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