It's one thing to have amazing security data visualization but entirely different to have your security visualizations generated from a single source of truth across all your systems. Security visualizations all following the same metrics - no matter who creates them - and always-on.

What's awesome about Looker is we help every user, despite their skill, explore huge amounts of data. Results and insights quickly become beautiful data visualizations – shareable with a simple click. You never move data because we sit on top of it. Meaning charts, graphs, and reports are as up-to-date with the very latest data.

Looker allows business users to drill into their data right from any visualization. And because it's always connected users can self serve their own needs. Freeing up the burdened data team to pursue more the ambitious research projects they love.

Create visualizations that are:

  • Extremely customizable - Charts work for your data not the other way around
  • Visualizations update in real-time - Everyone is on the same page
  • Easy to use and understand - Analyze a query to visualization in seconds

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