Looker can help solve the pains of Salesforce.com reporting, and allow your company to truly capitalize on your CRM data. SFDC and Wave only scratch the surface.

Truly understanding sales funnel metrics requires SFDC data to be viewed as part of a larger ecosystem, including marketing automation data (like Marketo or Eloqua), web events, and trouble ticketing (like Zendesk or Desk.com). To get real value, organizations need to own their data, and use best of breed SaaS analytics to understand what's really going on in Sales and Marketing Ops. After all, isn't that the same reason you originally chose SFDC?

Here’s how Looker can help:

  • Relate CRM data with customer transaction, social media, product use, or any other type of data you collect
  • Understand funnel metrics more deeply, including better lead attribution and customer segmentation
  • Intuitive point-and-click interface allows anyone to build dashboards, schedule reports, and explore data down to row-level detail
  • Eliminates the time- and labor-intensive data pre-processing cycle
  • Custom field definitions allows for greater flexibility and repeatable, iterative use

If you’re interested in learning more about how companies like Hubspot and Pitney Bowes are using Looker for Salesforce reporting, check out the paper on Salesforce Analytics.

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