Customization capabilities in and other CRM platforms are both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, they allow for great flexibility, so that your CRM can truly be tailored to your company’s needs. But when it comes time for analytics and reporting, these customizations are often the root of major frustrations.

This is because traditional analytics solutions require labor-intensive data cleansing and pre-processing cycles that can turn into months of just spinning wheels, and yield minimal results. Valuable resources are tied up and ultimately wasted, and you’re no closer to accomplishing your analytics goals.

Looker eliminates this problem by modeling your raw data. This way, your customizations are defined once in a metadata modeling layer, and then those fields persist and can be used in combination with the rest of your model. The resources that would have been spent babysitting your ETL process are freed up to focus on other analytical initiatives.and everyone at your company has the ability to explore the data that’s relevant to them.

Find out more by checking out the Salesforce Analytics paper.

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