Sales leaders can rapidly make good decisions with Dashboard visualization of their Salesforce data. While simple graphics can identify areas of interest, they often lack the depth to provide insight into the story behind the sales numbers. This triggers to Sales leaders to bombard the Sales Ops teams and data analysts with a constant flow of report filtering and format changes. This hand-off and delay slows the decision making process and consumes valuable resources that could doing other tasks. What if Sales leaders could drill into the Salesforce data themselves without even breaking their train of thought? Imagine how that would accelerate their decision cycle, and drive more revenue.

Looker Offers an agile Salesforce dashboard solution that not only is quick to setup, but also doesn't require and on going team of spreadsheet jockeys to satiate leaders demands for fast answers and insights. The Looker dashboard is not a static image. It is the front end of a model that provides a gateway to click and drill data exploration. End users can change data filters on the fly allowing users to focus on areas of interest and detect patterns previously hidden by noise. Additionally the base models also integrate non-Salesforce data for understanding upstream marketing influences and downstream profitability by segment. By quickly building a Looker model for querying Account, Opportunity and Lead information, people can use a graphical interface to create the following dashboards:

  • Sales Funnel with conversion rates at each activity stage
  • Opportunity confidence level trends
  • Market Segment Changes Trend by win-rate and vertical
  • Graphical Analysis of both leads and account level
  • Individual Sale Rep. performance integrating SFDC and Non-SFDC data (e.g. Zendesk)

These analysis tools allow business leaders to understand their own unique sales process, coach their teams and track the benefits of their decisions.

Find out more by checking out the Salesforce Analytics paper.

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