Let's face it SaaS data analysis has been, shall we politely say, imperfect. Your choices have been installing SaaS that is 'complex and pricy' (but fast once it's up and running) or 'easy to use and affordable' (but often inadequate or too slow).

Thankfully, the SQL-on-Hadoop processes have made major improvements this last year. Which means visualization companies like Looker – built from the ground up to support fast and flexible in-database processing – are not only easy to use and affordable we now help companies become data cultures.

Your teams can love their analytics again, become data driven, and produce results that were never before possible:

  • Looker connects to all data – producing an always-on platform
  • Business users can dig into details behind the charts and graphs
  • Analyze and model – in-cluster – without sacrificing speed and ease of use
  • Share with a click to bring data into every action, reaction, and decision

The overview of Looker - it's chock full of the 'meat' you need to understand the newest capabilities of SaaS data analysis. Download it here. And welcome to the bright, new future.

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