Reporting on Stripe data is the staple of financial metrics, forecasts, and finance operations. Having event data alongside Stripe data, allows very quick end-to-end modeling of customer lifetime value, tying data from the beginning of the business process to the customer’s ultimate purchase behavior.

With Looker, you can quickly implement a full data warehouse strategy with minimal effort. Looker never asks you to move your data, we sit over the top, creating a single source of near real-time truth – that everyone can access. Use Looker to:

  • See aggregated KPI's to support fast and accurate decisions
  • Pull in data from many cloud applications, alongside its event data, in a single view
  • Define metrics like total gross charges, total refunds, total net charges, and charge success rate this month
  • Dig deeper with invoice and customer lookup dashboards to support Finance, Accounting, and Customer Support workflows

Watch the video to understand a little more about Looker. When you're ready, let us know and we can discuss reporting capabilities on Stripe data.

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