Looker for Amazon Redshift addresses two of the major impediments to greater adoption of DW projects in the modern enterprise.

First, the daunting capital expense of traditional DW is greatly mitigated by economics delivered through AWS Cloud infrastructure and, more specifically, by the distribution of MPP architecture of the Amazon Redshift solution.

Second, Looker delivers agility and immediacy by moving the analytics closer to the data and by providing integration with the advanced features of the database. Looker's intuitive engaging browser-based analytics – which, in turn, serves to engage and motivate your knowledge workers.

Looker leverages the advanced features of the Amazon Redshift solution with a powerful, streamlined approach to analytics. By querying directly, the underlying MPP database for only the data needed to answer the question, Looker provides the most efficient BI path in terms of hardware, storage, and compute power.

By adding Looker to the mix you get:

  • Agile browser-based management of Redshift database connections for data modeling and data discovery
  • Delivery of advanced analytics to a larger and broader set of knowledge workers
  • Greatly reduced analytics lifecycle with simplified infrastructure and rapid cloud scaling
  • Deployment with AWS Security Groups to protect applications and data

Download the technical paper for Looker and Redshift to learn more.

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