Performing analysis from the viewpoint of sophisticated charts, graphs and dashboards are a crucial first step for understanding what data drives your business. But have you ever wished you could drill down to the row level detail of your data instead of just having a static chart or graph? With Looker, the visualizations you see in any given "Look" can be clicked into and explored within, making it extremely easy for everyone in your business to understand the details of the data that is most relevant to them.

Looker's web based platform uses a different approach to dashboards, reporting, and analytics. Our customers use Looker to:

  • Explore complete data sets, versus limited subset of data.
  • Allow all users to self-serve their data & visualizations without taxing analyst’s time.
  • Get results in real time from a single source of truth, ensuring everyone in your organization is on the same page.

Looker's in-database architecture gives you the flexibility to quickly move from high-level reports including dashboards and visualizations, all the way down to the details. Curious to see it for yourself? Sign up for a personalized product tour with our team.

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