When searching for business intelligence tools in today's market, there are so many choices that it can sometimes be overwhelming. However, Looker is approaching data analytics unlike any other solution.

With older legacy BI systems, there is often a significant data bottleneck where business users must wait on data teams to generate the reports they need now. However, by the time business users receive what they asked for, the insight is outdated and no longer useful. This leaves business users frustrated and data teams constantly bogged down in ad hoc report requests.

With Looker, a real-time business intelligence platform, everyone is empowered to find, explore, and understand the data they need - regardless of technical know-how. Business users can point and click to perform queries, create dashboards and reports, and immediately share their insights with a URL. This means data teams can focus on answering the sophisticated questions that involve more complex analysis. This is all possible through our unique, in-database architecture that gives you and your team live and constant access to your entire database.

If you think this sounds useful and you want to learn more about Looker's capabilities, see for yourself in this video demo.

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