Imagine asking a question of your data and getting an answer that is in real time with the data you collect. Decisions can be made on the fly, your teams can be in sink with the most up to date data, and all users can access the data they need without inundating the data teams with requests.

You know how it goes- you want to ask question of your data so you send your question to the engineering/analytics team (who are buried with requests), and by the time you get you question answered, the results are outdated. Ouch.

Looker's 100% in-database analytics platform gives customers an edge by allowing all users to explore their questions on the fly, rather than waiting for the technical team to run queries and write ad hoc reports. Reports can be scheduled, shared, and drilled into, allowing all questions to be asked, explored, and answered for real time analytics.

In a quick demo, we can show you how Looker can give your team the power to ask questions about your data, free up the dependence on your data team and get real time analytics to answer your questions. If you like what you see in the demo, we can talk next steps for a Free Trial of Looker.

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