An Operational Dashboard is a way to look at data in a way that incorporates that data into the operations of a business. Operational dashboards offer up-to-date information that effect how people make decisions in real time. Looker makes operational dashboards easy with a drag-and-drop UI, beautiful data visualizations, easy filtering and custom measurements. At Looker we use operational dashboards to take better care of our customers, ensure product uptime and monitor team performance across departments.

A data platform that business users and data analysts love to use - Data analysts need a nimble and customizable data platform to make operational dashboards and business users need to be able to understand insights in a way that drives the business forward. Looker is a data platform that business users and data analysts love.

Operational Dashboards:

  • Change how a business functions through dashboards
  • Are easy to understand and filter
  • Are customizable to address the needs of businesses

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