Build or buy?... A very common question when it comes to customer facing analytics, AKA embedded analytics. It's an even greater question when you need your brand on it. You may have a team that is capable, even more than capable of building a customer facing analytics solution. These solutions serve their purpose in a static marketplace. But what marketplace is static?

Your analysts and engineers have something more important to focus on, your product. If you build your OEM business intelligence solution, you have a good product, for a bit, until it becomes outdated and there are bugs, and customers start asking for new features. This is why Looker believes in buying a product like Powered by Looker. Buying your OEM solution means you have a constantly evolving product and an entire team whose only focus is the analytics product and making your customers, and you, happy. All with your brand logo on it. Why not?

Offering your customers the best experience possible means that their interaction with your product will be a happier one, and a more meaningful, stickier one. Happy, sticky customers are a good thing, we have the analytics to prove it.

Overview of Looker - White Paper