For companies with mobile apps, it is essential to constantly collect data and conduct mobile data analysis. Storing data on users to understand key metrics like time to first purchase, downloads, and virality are table stakes for competitive products in the industry. But, what do you do when you've stored all this detailed data? How do you conduct mobile data analysis? Looker is a data platform that makes performing mobile data analysis easier than ever before.

Looker's unique data modeling layer enables companies to gather insight by analyzing app event data in a customized, flexible way that makes the most sense for their business. Looker makes it easy for business users and data scientists to conduct mobile data analysis and to share results with the teammates who need it most.

In fact, many companies with popular mobile apps (Strava, Trip Advisor, to name a few.) utilize Looker to deeply understand how their users interact within their application.

If you'd like to further discover how mobile data analytics can deliver value to you and your mobile app, check out this brief overview white paper.

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