Mobile has changed the way that people communicate, work, and socialize. The growing adoption and innovation we've seen in the mobile industry has been driven by big data analytics. As more businesses grapple with the value of mobile apps, sophisticated analytics tools are becoming central to how mobile businesses operate. Mobile big data analytics is one of the most important factors in your mobile apps success. With Looker, you can measure app usage and app revenue, track key trends such as new vs. returning users, user retention, app revenue, and custom in-app user generated events. Use Looker to make data-driven decisions to increase engagement and monetization for your app. Looker empowers everyone in your organization to gain deep insights that help improve your KPIs, optimize user engagement, and track key metrics that are essential to the success of your mobile app.

Looker helps you track and measure the entire mobile customer journey from discovery, to download, to engagement. Create app experiences that are most valuable and engaging for your users through data-driven decisions at each stage of the app lifecycle. With Looker it's easy to measure the number of new and active users who use your app everyday and analyze your most valuable segments.

Give your team the tools to understand which traffic sources are driving new users and in-app conversions and fine-tune your marketing initiatives. Assess the loyalty of your users, analyze how frequently they use your app, and test the engagement level of each cohort. Mobile big data analytics with Looker helps you to visually see the screens, actions and paths users take to move throughout your application in order to optimize usage and engagement.

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