Master data management software is changing. The days of ETL and data teams spending days and weeks cleansing data, to run reports, are simply no longer necessary.

With Looker, a modern in-database analytics platform, your data teams are freed up to focus on the more complex queries while business users (no techie skills required) can explore, adjust, and even build their own queries. And since we operate in-database and you never have to move data so your teams can work from any device.

Unlike the previous generations of master data management software, Looker connects to any SQL compliant database to provide:

  • A comprehensive and real time view of your business
  • Answer questions with unified metrics
  • By connecting directly to all your data, Looker provides end-users with the ability to drill into their reports, grab new fields to query, and explore your entire business
  • Beautiful visualizations created from a single source of truth

For more information on Looker's modern, master data management software, check out our, Overview White Paper and watch the video.

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