It is important for marketing data visualization to show what campaigns are working and perhaps more importantly what is not working. As technology has evolved, more and more marketing tactics and campaigns can be measured and compared. There are several marketing related things you can visualize:

  • Marketing funnels from leads to sales opportunities
  • Marketing attribution from various campaigns
  • Website traffic by sources or referrals
  • Website conversions from unique visitors to leads

Looker sits on top of your data and let’s you visualize data in a web based environment with multiple charts and dashboard options. With Looker you can help build a data-driven culture as everyone in your organization can view, share and explore your data and make smarter decisions. Marketing is most often the first experience that people have with a company and if you are not measuring what is working your company may be spending money in the wrong place.

Marketing data visualization is key to quickly showing what is working in your campaigns. Learn more about Looker and you can start visualizing your data.

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