With most advertising moving from print and television to more measurable mediums such as pay-per-click and online advertising, marketing data analysis is becoming easier and easier. With modern analytic tools like Looker, marketing managers have an easier time showing their contribution to the bottom line. How can Looker help marketers with data analytics?

Marketing Contribution to Revenue When marketers combine their data into a centralized location, they can now analyze more than just clicks and likes and show contribution to revenue. A business to business example is combining website traffic with your customer relationship management (CRM) software. The organization can now determine what website sources and referrals are generating leads and opportunities. To take this further, the organization should track all campaigns in their CRM so they can tie events, webinars and other lead generating campaigns to sales opportunities and wins. This can be even easier for a business to consumer company as most of there data should be stored in a database already. They just need to combine the data in a data warehouse and connect an analytic tool to view the data. Looker makes this analysis simple by giving everyone in the organization the ability to access and visualize their data.

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