Imagine you could see the results of all your efforts from click to closed deals in one place. And not only see these results but drill into row level detail. Why was there a spike in online organic form-fills 2 Sundays ago? Using Looker, you can not only see that spike as soon as it happens, but you can also drill in to find out why.

Use Looker dashboards to answer questions like:

  • How many leads were created today, yesterday and last week?
  • What is my top organic channel for quantity of leads?
  • What is my top organic channel for quality of leads?
  • How much am I spending on paid leads? Are they even converting?
  • How many customers did I bring in last year?
  • Wouldn't it be great to have one place to go, or for your boss to go, to see exactly what Marketing is doing and how you are helping the company grow?

Check out our Looker overview video to learn more about Looker and the problems we are solving at companies like Sony.

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