Creating a map for data visualization is often a daunting task for organizations. Not every organization can hire a GIS analyst and developer team, and often times maps can be lethargic and lacking a good user experience. With all of the different data visualization tools at your disposal, how do you choose a tool that gives you the option of visualizing all of your data? Even more, what happens when data visualization no longer satiates your need for understanding data and data discovery becomes the main focus?

With so many tools to consider, why is Looker a great option for mapping your data? We are consistently working to make out visualization options more powerful (by releasing product improvements monthly), while still focusing on our core value proposition- providing analytics everyone loves.

With Looker, everyone in your organization is empowered to run reports, build dashboards, and share/collaborate on reports regardless without prior SQL knowledge. Looker empowers individuals within your organization to become a data scientists, cartographers, and a graphic designers with one simple (yet powerful) platform.

Looker Map Visualization gives your organization the option to:

  • Create maps with point, line, AutoMagic Heatmap, or area plotting.
  • Dynamic zoom, pan, and automatic map positioning of your data.
  • "Drillability" into all of your data, not just a subset.

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