Exploring your data should not feel like going to war with your database. Or going to war with your data team.

With Looker, anyone at your organization can explore your company's data, on their own time, with their own questions. There is no need to guess about every question that might be asked, or create huge dashboards that attempt to answer them. Looker makes it easy to interactively explore data without having any technical experience. To create queries, users click on the data points of interest and hit "Run." More often than not, query results create more ideas for exploration. With Looker, it is easy to drill in to the data to answer those questions right away. This flexibility is the beauty of interactive data exploration.

Looker sits directly on top of your database, so you know the data you're seeing is the true picture. Your developers can define metrics that allow all users to be on the same page, and users can use this information to explore questions that are unique to their experience in the organization. They can find answers to the questions that matter to them, without having to put in a request and wait for a response.

Gaining useful insight does not have to be a struggle between departments. With Looker, interactive data exploration is easy. Check out the video to learn more!

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