Looker is a data platform that makes it easy for HR professionals to find and explore their business data. What would happen if you could drill from the highest level of organizational data to the smallest interactions recorded in your database. You would have a 360 degree view of your employees and all the data to run a more efficient HR department.

Make it easy to for you and your whole team to make informed HR decisions based on data and help drive a truly data-driven culture. With the right metrics in front of the right people efficiency is bound to improve.

HR professionals love Looker for HR analytics and here is why:

  • Build custom metrics for you own business
  • Share dashboards and reports with a simple link
  • Drill down to row level details to get the complete picture

Want to learn more about Looker for HR Analytics? The best way to do that is request a demo and get your questions answered in real time.

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