Imagine if you could get real time health data analytics. Your business users could explore and drill down into the datasets and your analysts could be freed to do their work more efficiently. Looker sits on top of your database and analyzes your data real time. Companies, like Grand Rounds, have utilized Looker throughout their organization to empower their business users and free up their analysts so they can do the work they've wanted to do.

With Looker you can:

  • Analyze your health data in real time
  • Share charts and graphs with other business users via links
  • Build dashboards with real time query results, charts, and graphs
  • Create and store SQL snippets using the modeling language LookML
  • Revolutionize how you look at your health data and use a modern analytics platform.

HubSpot, Doctors on Demand, and other large enterprise healthcare companies have utilized Looker to unify their data, create a healthy data governance environment, and enforce a single source of truth throughout your company.

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