Looker was built with the goal of bringing the analytics app to the data to unlock the value in large, complex datasets. Now, with Looker’s deep Impala integration and a much faster Hadoop environment, we’re talking about any data, not just data in a relational or MPP store. Looker customers can now have near-real-time access to all of their Hadoop data, to analyze and explore it directly without having to move the data first.

Cloudera and Looker both embrace a core Hadoop tenet: schema-on-read. While the importance of this approach has been recognized for some time, what’s been missing — up until now —are front-end tools for data modeling and transformation. Unlike most other BI environments, Looker combines schema-on-read with the flexibility of defining an analytics schema on the fly. For the first time, you can realize the full benefit of schema-on-read with a set of front-end tools designed specifically to leverage such capability.

Learn more from our white paper, Looker on Hadoop. If you're ready to talk, join us for a product demo to learn more and see Looker in action!

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