Looker completes the vision of Hadoop as an analytical database, not just a data store. The Looker Data Platform is the only tool that is architected to allow companies to run analytics directly in-cluster. This means no complicated ETL, no proprietary data warehouse, just cheap storage, infinite scalability and lightning fast analytics on every gigabyte, terabyte, or petabyte of your data.
Quick points of Interest:
  • Get more from your Hadoop cluster by analyzing the data where it sits
  • Build a data platform that can access your data wherever it sits
  • No need to move or transform the data prior to performing analysis
  • Interact with your data through a familiar language - SQL on Hadoop
  • Create a single source of truth for your enterprise that’s governed by a data model
“Looker makes the data in Hadoop easy for everyone to access and explore in a single platform. With Looker, we can see and respond to the impact of product changes immediately, greatly improving our customer experience” said Mike Van Kempen, Sr Business Analyst at Acorns.
Looker supports Spark SQL, Presto, and we've recently expanded support for Impala and Hive on Tez. If you'd like to learn more, check out our paper Looker on Hadoop and join us for a personalized demo.

Looker for Hadoop - White Paper