Thanks to Hadoop dashboard tools it's now possible to visualize more data than ever before. Without the help of a Hadoop dashboard, it requires complicated systems to move, transform, and generally fiddle with the data. This isn't the easy, seamless, data environment we have come to expect.

Advances in the Hadoop technology have make it possible to issue SQL-based analysis directly to data bases and that means faster-than-ever Hadoop dashboards. Thanks to our schema-on-read paradigm and modeling layer, we work with these technologies to bring you Hadoop dashboards, like you expect them to be. Fast, easy, interactive.

And Looker isn't just for analysts! We bring teams together. Our dashboard tools make it possible for skills of any technical level to:

  • Customize reports and visualize data with live dashboards
  • Interconnect data applets to help run operations
  • Drill into dashboards to answer their own questions
  • Share big data insights to help drive business

Bring your teams together to create a true data culture, read our, Looker for Hadoop white paper.

Looker for Hadoop - White Paper