Until today, it was painfully slow to do data analysis in Hadoop. Looker can now unlock all of your data in Hadoop and put answers in the hands of decision makers.

As your business grows and your Hadoop Big Data grows along with it, the other option of piping data into another data warehouse for analytics becomes unscalable. Hadoop has been used just for cheap storage and data processing. Now SQL query engines are fast enough to run analytics in-cluster with Looker.

Looker is the only data platform that makes all your big data in Hadoop accessible to your entire enterprise, by operating 100% in database. Looker supports Spark SQL, Impala, Presto, Hive on Tez and others.

With Looker you can:

  • Leave the data where it is and scale with the cluster
  • Build a data model to create a single source of truth and reliable metrics
  • Allow for self-serve data exploration for entire company
  • Connect to both your Hadoop big data cluster and other data warehouse(s)
  • Integrate with Github for complete transparency and control

Hadoop Big Data is messy—Looker makes it meaningful!

Learn more about how Looker is changing the face of BI by putting the power of Hadoop into everyone’s hands for real time, self-service analytics. Check out the paper, Looker on Hadoop. If you're ready to take a look for yourself, sign up for a personalized demo.

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