Hadoop analytics can be painfully slow because Hadoop was just meant for cheap storage and data processing – not analytics. But as your business grows, your Hadoop data grows along with it, compounding the problem. Moving data into a warehouse to do analytics is completely unscalable. But now SQL query engines have become fast enough to run analytics in-cluster.

Welcome to Looker. We are the only data platform that makes Hadoop analytics accessible to your entire enterprise. How? Because we operate 100% in database. So never move data again. And we support your favorites: Spark SQL, Impala, Hive Presto, on Tez and more.

Hadoop data is messy – Looker makes it meaningful:

  • Leave data where ever it lives and scale with the cluster
  • Encourage self-serve data exploration for entire company
  • Create a single source of truth with reliable definitions and metrics
  • Connect to Hadoop clusters and other data warehouse(s) simultaneously
  • Integrate with Github for complete transparency and control

We put the power of Hadoop into everyone’s hands for always current, self-service analytics. Read Looker on Hadoop.

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