Web event and user data in Google Analytics can be a blackbox. Even when you have access to the row level detail of each web event, native Google Analytics Software can be inflexible and hard to understand. The tool you use to analyze your web event data should be flexible enough to conform to your business model and your metrics.

Easy to use, easy to drill in Google Analytics Software - Looker on top of your Google Analytics data makes it easy for people on your team to get insight into how different products and pages are performing, without needing a data analyst or a web developer. Your data model can change easily if your website changes so anyone accessing your Google Analytics data has the flexibility to explore and visualize site performance. Looker also ensures that everyone from a seasoned SQL-expert to a non-technical business user has a single source of truth when using your data to make decisions.

From high level summaries of website traffic to drilling all the way down to single rows of web event data, Looker makes it easy to get a 360 degree view of how visitors are interacting with your website.

Watch the video to see how Looker can replace your old, clunky Google Analytics Software so your analysis is as agile as your business.

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