A growing number of businesses are using Powered by Looker to deliver finance dashboards and analytics directly to their customers. The Looker data platform combines the advantages of both buying and building an embedded analytics solution. It lets you skip the huge up-front investment and the diversion of time and resources away from your core business.

With Looker you can Implement quickly while ensuring that the solution meets the full set of analytics requirements that your customers are asking for. What sets Looker apart in enabling embedded analytics solutions is its delivery capabilities:

Looker’s APIs make nearly every function that Looker supports available via an embedded application Looker provides easily embedded visualization or data tables, iFrame dialogue with parent pages, web hooks, native scheduling, alerting, and emailing capabilities Embed analytics in any form right where your business needs it most—whether that means a single chart, a set of interactive dashboards, or a white labeled version of the full Looker platform.

Download the whitepaper to see what you can do with Embedded Analytics by Looker.

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