Finance big data analytics companies like, Asana, has had particular success incorporating Looker into their finance toolbox: “The biggest use case for Looker at Asana is our finance team is using Looker to disaggregate our revenue data, and basically, disaggregate our growth. Trying to understand where we're growing well and where we're adding customers.” -Justin Krause, BI Manager at Asana.

Numbers can be endless, overwhelming, and time consuming. Looker’s business intelligence platform has empowered the finance teams by creating a single source of truth.

Looker does this in 3 ways:

1. Works 100% in database – We never move or store any data

2. No ETL at query time – Transformations are done on the fly

3. Self-Service Reporting – Anyone can dig into their data & visualizations without taxing analyst’s time

Come explore the next generation of Finance Big Data with our white paper on Finance Big Data on Hadoop.

Looker for Hadoop - White Paper