Marketers gain great insights when they can easily link web events to valuable customer actions. Looker is an ideal solution for conducting modern web analytics due to its ease of data modeling and rapid data exploration. Looker is a tool that benefit more than just advanced SQL users, it's a data platform that makes it easy for everyone to find and understand their event analytics data.

Looker can sit on top of any SQL-readable database including Google BigQuery, Various Hadoop databases, Amazon Redshift and MySQL - to name a few. Looker scales easily with large datasets which event analytics data sets often are. Find your data in a modern UI that makes it easy for anyone to run reusable SQL queries.

Data modeling in Looker is extremely easy because all of the modeling happen at query runtime which makes iteration much, much faster than more traditional ETL paradigms. Also, Looker is fully integrated with GitHub with makes version control, and therefore development, extremely efficient.

You can display website event data in with flashy visualizations and dashboards that can be scheduled for distribution in Slack or by email. Or, if you have an embedded use case, use the modern and flexible Looker API to push your data to the places that it matter most and format it however you'd like. Looker dashboards are easily consumable on Mobile devices and even allow ad hoc filtering and exploration.

Find out why the smartest data companies are choosing Looker for their website event analytics and watch this short overview of Looker.

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