There's a big problem for enterprise data modeling and being data driven: Every department is based off of silo'd datasets. Finance is exploring in Quickbooks, Engineering is pulling from their production database, and Marketing is looking at Salesforce and Marketo data. We call this data chaos.

Until now, solutions where too expensive, too intensive, and too costly to eliminate data chaos. But Looker doesn't need to pre-aggregate or extract subsets. You can analyze data right without moving it and without software – so you can connect to every dataset, deploy, and iterate with unified data.

With Looker, your enterprise data model can produce a reliable source of truth so every business user gains the power to pull their own data, explore, and drill into row level detail. Learn how to unify your enterprise data model:

  • Leave the data where it is and scale with the cluster
  • Build a data model that describes and defines your data
  • Let everyone access and explore the entire data set

Looker is pioneering the next generation of cool. Learn how to create enterprise data modeling that everyone loves. Download the overview and watch the video.

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