As you know enterprise data management strategy no longer has to be an analogy for data chaos and bottlenecks. Although we are never truly free of Issues and conflicts – they don't have to be the result of mismanagement of information and data.

Welcome to Looker – we sit over the top of your software applications, computing and network infrastructure, warehousing (basically all your data) no matter where it lives. This means our dashboards and charts can be drilled into to find details - in near real time - to answer your own questions. So everyone can find insights regardless of their technical prowess while the entire organization operates from a single version of your every changing data.

Looker brings your analyst and data teams together so that you can actually Implement your enterprise data management strategy.

  • Data analysts create centralized definitions. Each Looker Block, is templatized code, so each one can be used to build a data model that is completely customized to suit your specific business needs. Every block is reusable and modular.
  • Business teams create and share near real-time dashboards. Click to share. Dashboards can be drilled into to obtain granular details – enabling everyone to answer their own questions. Never wait on a report again.

Looker is different because we help you create a data driven culture. Unleash and unite your teams with enterprise data management software that really works for you. Watch the quick video to see what a true data culture can do.