Enterprise data management software is not an oxymoron. Really. You can finally ease the data chaos and bottlenecks. Try effective on for size and see how it feels.

Welcome to Looker – we sit on top of all your data no matter where it lies. Quickly join together and describe data from the most popular data sources. Access data in near real-time – it's now a reality. Meaning you become a true data culture. Your teams produce better insights. Chaos and bottlenecks become yesterday's way of getting things done.

Looker is a unique enterprise data management platform that brings your analyst and data teams together: ** - **Data analysts create centralized definitions to stop the never ending line of requests and focus on complex analysis. - Business teams create and share dashboards, click to drill in behind them, and never wait on a report again. - Reusable and modular. Each Looker Block is templatized code that can be used to build your data model in a way that is completely customized to your business needs.

Looker is different. Unleash and unite your teams with enterprise data management software that really works for you. Watch the quick video to see what a true data culture can do.

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