Data chaos causes friction, frustration, and poor insights. Become nimble again with real-time, scalable, enterprise business analytics, that create a single source of truth – impossible you say? Business teams can have secure access to the whole picture and drill down to get more details. Saved queries can be scheduled to run and then automatically delivered to inboxes – making for faster more confident decisions.

Reliable Source of Truth – Looker automatically describes your data when you first connect it to your database creating the foundation of your model in minute. We are a data platform that ensures reliable metrics and consistent definitions across your company. Enable your end users to securely explore detailed data to discover the insights they need.

Build customized metrics with our simple and reusable modeling language - Models easily change with your business for fast, flexible iteration - Deploy and iterate quickly – work with data without moving it - Looker is nimble, so is our demo. We are here to answer questions, so you can see how it works.

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