Whether you have 200 or 20,000 employees, Looker is a governed data platform that makes enterprise BI simple. With Looker everyone can find, explore, and understand the data that drives your business

Looker is an ideal solution for enterprise BI

  • Scalable - Looker's connects directly to nearly any database so it inherently scales with your data making it a flexible, long term analytics solution
  • Governed - A governed data platform helps data analysts agreed upon metrics, while at the same time giving business users the ability to self serve their own questions.
  • Flexible - Build a custom data model with all your data to create cross functional metrics that matter to every team from marketing to operations
  • Secure - Looker is built to ensure that your data is safe and secure by limiting movement of data.

Watch the video to see why companies like Yahoo, Hubspot, and Kohler chose Looker to make self service BI possible

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