Effective energy data analysis is key when it comes to your bottomline. Your business needs to calculate performance levels, identify areas of inefficiency and understand what the data is saying in order to implement energy-saving initiatives. And that's where Looker comes in.

Looker is the next-generation of business intelligence. Our business analytics platform is empowering companies like Enernoc and Tendril with visualizing their data in an easy and comprehensive way, so they can make better business decisions quicker.

Here's a few ways Looker empowers:

  • Connects directly to your database – Looker never moves or stores any data, so you'll always have access and control.
  • No ETL at query time – Transformations are always done in real time.
  • Reliable – Our platform provides reliable metrics and consistent definitions.

When it comes to implementing strategies for energy-savings, it's important that everyone is working from the same metrics - at Looker, we like to call it a single source of truth. Read our white paper to learn more on how Looker can help your teams find your single source of truth today!

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