Embedded charts has become the new end-all-to-be-all in today's BI realm. With the newest ability to connect to all your data, no matter where it lives, without moving it, embedded charts remain in near-real time so the entire organization can benefit from a single source of truth.

With Looker's embedded charts, whether you use them for customers or decision makers are more than just a live chart. Users can drill behind the chart to answer whatever questions arise - so users see chart results they can see, who, when, why, and how.

Embedded charts with Looker enables:

  • White label, internal, and external dashboards, charts, reports
  • Connection to all relevant data without moving so everyone works from a single version of the organizational truth
  • Results with up-to-the-minute data so charts and reports are never stagnant
  • Customers, employees, and decision makers can drill into row level detail

Some of the smartest, data-driven companies in the world. They help teach us what the latest demand is for the BI industry. Our video explains more about embedded charts  – enjoy and welcome to Looker!