The next generation of embedded BI and White Labeling has arrived. Welcome to Looker. Our customers include some of the smartest data-driven companies in the world. Learn from them.

"With Powered by Looker, we have embedded access to the data into an existing customer portal. Our customers now have timely access to their information, along with the ability to explore all of it for deeper understanding."
Aaron Bostick: CTO, D&S

Powered by Looker is architected with multiple key features that allow you to provide robust data exploration both internally and to your external customers, including control access filters, segregated modeling flexibility, user-based permissions, dynamic content delivery, and self-service report management.

With Looker Embedded (Powered by Looker):

  • Deliver any Looker report, visualization, or dashboard in your client-facing application, maximizing the value of your data and increasing the "stickiness" of your product.
  • Reports, visualizations, and dashboards can be exposed as simple iFrames, allowing seamless integration into any existing application or customer portal.
  • Use single sign-on and programmatic permissions to ensure that customers will only see the data that applies to them.
  • Customize the experience with flexible data modeling for each client and seamless integration into your application integration via secure HTML iFrames.
  • White labeling - We provide simple and easy-to-use controls for styling an embedded dashboard to your brand, making Looker appear to the end user like a homegrown solution rather than a third-party tool.

The Overview discussed embedded BI deeper. Read it now.

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