Education analytics is has broad applications for educational institutions. It's hard though because you need to integrate online and offline data sources as well as provide a unified picture of your education data. The hard part is fighting through data bottlenecks where only a select few people can query the data and the rest of the business is left waiting for answers. The alternative is data chaos where every department has their own data store which is never complete and they often have different metrics that share the same name as well.

Make it easy for everyone to find and explore their education data with Looker education analytics. The result? A data platform that data analysts love and business users trust.

With Looker Education Analytics You Can:

  • Access data everywhere and share it with those who need it
  • Increase the value of your data store
  • Integrate offline and online data sources
  • Get better insights into your activities

The best way to find out if Looker is a great fit for you is to checkout a demo of the capabilities. Watch the video!

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