We believe your business is a unique snowflake, and your ecommerce data is too. With Looker Blocks®, ecommerce data analytics are made easy with Looker Blocks®, design patterns for fast, flexible analytics tailored for ecommerce business models. These are the building blocks, created by Looker analysts, designed to put any business on the fast track to a data driven culture. You can use Blocks to quickly describe and join together data from common ecommerce data sources like Salesforce.com, LiveRamp, Google Analytics, Oracle ATG, and Segment. Three ways we help ecommerce companies become data driven:

  1. In Database - All your data comes from a single source of truth.
  2. LookML - Our powerful abstraction layer defines your business metrics once for iterative use.
  3. Self-Service Reporting - Intuitive UI eliminating data discovery bottlenecks between departments.

The result is a unified data platform: clear definitions across your organization, giving you real time access to your entire data warehouse

Come explore the next generation of ecommerce data analytics and explore Looker's Overview White Paper.

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