It's one thing to have great PDF data visualizations but entirely another to have your visualizations born from a true data culture. Visualizations created from a single version of the truth – all with the same metrics – no matter who creates them. Whoa. Right?!

Looker helps every user explore all data. Results and insights become beautiful data visualizations in many formats – shareable with just a click. And you never have to move your data to analyze it because we connect directly to it. Meaning everyone's charts, graphs, and reports, are not only interactive but also up-to-date with the latest business intelligence.

Business users love Looker because it allows them to drill into their data right from any visualization. By allowing users to self serve their own needs, Looker speeds up and encourages discovery. Freeing up the data team to pursue more ambitious and rewarding research projects.

Create beautiful visualizations that are: - Extremely customizable – charts work for your data not the other way around - Visualizations update in real-time – everyone is always on the same page - Easy to use and understand – analyze a query and visualization in seconds

Download the Data Visualizations PDF from Looker to learn more.

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