Get the right data, to the right people, as fast as possible. The next wave of data visualization design goes way beyond stagnant reports and charts enabling you to actually drive business – not just report on it.

Thankfully, this trend is happening because of the innovative and unique ways customers like Kohler, Avant, Sony, and Buzzfeed have turned Looker into a central decision-making platform that is woven into their every action and decision of their business.

Every day we are thankful to have such smart and creative customers driving a new way of doing business – all the while becoming the next wave of powerhouse companies.

  • Got silo's? Deploy data apps for every team
  • Reduce bottlenecks and chaos and let everyone love their analytics
  • Bring data into every action and every decision - in Slack, in, even in your custom applications.

Welcome to the new wave of data visualization design. Download the whitepaper to learn more.

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