Businesses are starving for data amongst a raging sea of data. It's time to build, embellish, and experiment data models, without writing any SQL. When you have your full picture with data from places like Zendesk, Salesforce, web events, transactional systems, Google Calendar, Marketo, etc., something really powerful happens. It turns your business people into data people. And with Looker, that 360 degree view of your business can lead to more happy customers (reduced churn), and increased team efficiency (cut costs).

Your business is as unique as a snowflake. So our Looker Blocks®, design reusable patterns for fast, flexible analytics. All tailored to your business model. Blocks quickly describe and join together data no matter where it lives. Three ways we want you to become data driven: 1. In Database - All your data filters into a single source of truth 2. LookML - Defines your business metrics once for repetative use 3. Self-Service Reporting - Intuitive UI eliminates bottlenecks between departments

A unified data platform results in clear definitions, across your organization, giving you real time access to your entire data warehouse.

Explore the next generation of data modeling and explore Looker's Overview White Paper.

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