Increasingly, businesses need real-time, actionable data so they can make solid, data-based decisions fast. Most organizations are collecting lots of data but only a few people know how to model the data structure and interrelationships. Similarly, only a few people know how to write queries to access that data.

Unfortunately, it's not reasonable to send everyone in a business to a data modeling 101 course to learn to access data from the databases. Thus the few technical people in the organization who do know "data modeling 101" end up having to write queries for everyone else. The technical people easily get overwhelmed by the requests and rest of the organization often gets only a portion of the data that they could have used.

Luckily, using Looker is like giving your entire organization a Data Modeling 101 course. Just a few technical people in your organization learn LookML, Looker's easy data modeling language. They set up the data model and grant permission-based, self-serve access to the data. From then on, your entire organization can access the data they need to make critical, data-based decisions.

Download this white paper to see how Looker can give everyone in your organization access to the data they need without taking a data modeling 101 course.

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