When looking for a data management tool, there are several things that data driven companies strive for. They want to have their data all in one place, where they can create business logic, and define metrics that allows the company to all operate on a single source of truth. Complicated analysis often gets stuck in a bottleneck, leaving business users with data questions waiting for reports. With SQL, many people get lost, with Looker's data management tool, everyone in the company can access data in real time. It's easy to share data with a link, allow other users to ask more questions, and see the data to help answer the question they are solving. The business user can then share and export their data, create alerts, and schedule emails to be sent out around the data. We know that teams when looking at data need access to:

  • Have data all in one place, with a single source of truth.
  • Make it easy to have renewable metrics, no data chaos.
  • Compute in-depth investigations and answer complex questions about your data.
  • Have data at rapid speed and on any device.
  • Auto-generate SQL for complex reports.
  • Automatically back up data so you never have to worry about version control.

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