Today's data exploration software can still create one of two problems: Data chaos. Or data bottlenecks. Business teams either end up grabbing whatever data they can get or waiting on data analysts. This means insights are based on a potentially incomplete picture of the business or simply too late to make forward progress.

Looker enables self-service analytics and dashboards that address both chaos and bottlenecks. Everyone is able to drill into results, regardless of technical skill, to truly understand all of the data. And since we sit on top of your data without ever moving it – it affords a single source of truth and a true data-driven culture.

What sets Looker apart?

  1. Never move any of your data – all data is access where it sits

  2. Transformations can be done instantly with zero ETL at query time

  3. Anyone can drill deep into visualizations and data for true self-service reporting

Watch the video to see how Looker is different than other data exploration software.

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